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I have been working in the IT sector to come up with the Complete solutions for Marketing, Management and IT Consulting for sectors having B2B, B2C and B2G as clientele base for there respective companies. I started with websites and web services, as had a great belief – ” A Website is the sales representative of any company which increases sales and ROI ratio if managed and maintained properly. ”
These came up from websites to the daily need of corporate and general user which was a smartphone, which gave me a thinking comfort about utilizing the Apps ( android, iOS, windows ) as marketing and management tool for the clients and work on an assured ROI for the clients which will impact the sales ratio of clients drastically.
I started with the market need for having an impactful way for marketing globally where Digital Marketing was only accepted and implemented. I popped up a new differential ingredient with the proper spices in the Digital Marketing and made a separate panorama termed as ” IBRM – Internet Brand & Reputation Management” which turned out as the exact architectural model for digital marketing globally.
In Management solutions i started as the dev for ERP , CRM, IMS etc. but which was not the differential part what i always opted for being as the nerd in TAPSOFT, so after a long research and analysis came with IT Consulting for the companies to provide them an actual workflow to be developed from ERP , CRM, IMS etc. point of view.

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