Web App on AWS

Hosting Web App on AWS !!!

Last time with the AWS basics… , i hope all my viewers would have got a clear picture on how to host a basic static website on AWS . In this version i will provide you a heads up in launching your web application on AWS.

AWS has literally generated a huge scope for developers by providing these services free for first year. So that devs will get the scalability and support vision on AWS which may take couple of grands if we simply have to learn it on hosting servers like godaddy, bigrock, digital ocean etc.

This article walks you through the process of hosting a web app on AWS. We’ll use the AWS Management Console to access AWS.

Alternatively, you can use Elastic Beanstalk to create, load balance, scale, and monitor your servers.


– http://docs.aws.amazon.com/gettingstarted/latest/wah-linux/web-app-hosting-intro.html


AWS Basics ….

AWS – The basket which showcased plenty of development tools, than the chapters in any programming language. Luckily i never found the ease to work with any cloud except AWS.

AWS provides the free tier services free for 1 year, which makes it more suitable for developers to practice real time developments & even facilitates your future with the pay as you go concept.

AWS Comprises 100’s of tool’s whereas this article only explains about the majority ones.

and many more….

Confusing ???

Let’s get it more generalized –

How to host a static website on AWS ?

All those who have worked with couple of hosting providers like, godaddy, bigrock etc. will have a hard way for getting this initially, but trust me when you learn it you can see the benefits of AWS.

Step 1: Create your bucket on S3.

Step 2: Configure your bucket.

Step 3: Deploy your website.

Step 4 (Optional): Register Your Domain Name.

Step 5 (Optional): Associate a Domain Name with Your Website.

Step 6 (Optional): Speed Up Your Website by Using CloudFront

Step 7: Clean Up Your Resources

Understand & read the above steps in details ->


You learn about hosting a website over AWS S3 which is extensively expandable to enterprise level , route your DNS to your stored server & speed up your website using Amazon CloudFront .


Stay tuned for next article where i will share – How to host a web app on AWS ?

Get a brief idea about AWS by watching the video below –


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node.js vs php

Node.js or php should not be a tough decision ?

node.js vs php


PHP was created in 1994 requires a web server or an interpreter installed in it to process.

NODE.JS was created in 2009, It uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, which also powers client-side code in the Chrome web browser

Both languages have there importance, features, applications and advantages, we can nurture and see which one will be the technically best fitted solution for us.


Community Support 

In a long term run where we aim to develop a product for different business models errors and deadlocks are prone to happen which gets us ease only when we reach out to a community where our doubts are provided suggestions and answers.

PHP wins this area as compared to NODE.JS , as PHP is old and haves a huge community support built over years.


Language Syntax

Are statements and structures logical and easy to use?

Unlike some languages and frameworks, PHP doesn’t force you to work in a specific way and grows with you. You can start with a few multi-line programs, add functions, progress to simple PHP4-like objects and eventually code beautiful object-oriented MVC PHP5+ applications. Your code may be chaotic to start with, but it’ll work and evolve with your understanding…..

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